Vandaag precies zestig jaar geleden, op 13 juli 1955, werden een dokter en een verpleegster ziek in het Royal Free ziekenhuis. Het was de start van een epidemische uitbraak van een mysterieuze ziekte, die later gekend zou worden als de Royal Free Disease, één van de meest beroemde uitbraken van Myalgische encefalomyelitis (ME).


Sixty years ago a doctor and a nurse became ill – Royal Free Disease

by Johan July 13, 2015

Sixty years ago on July 13th 1955, a resident doctor and a ward sister became ill in the Royal Free Hospital. It was the start of the outbreak of a mysterious disease, which would become known as the Royal Free Disease, one of the most famous and well-documented outbreaks of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Postviral Fatigue States – The saga of Royal Free Disease by Melvin Ramsay

by Johan July 11, 2015

If you read just one book, one document, or one paper about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, then let this book be it. Melvin Ramsay dedicated 30 years of his life to the research of this disease and this book is a summary of his life’s work.

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I want you to donate to the Microbe Discovery Project

by Johan December 23, 2014

With this blog-post I want to introduce the Microbe Discovery Project to you.
I am afraid I also have some bad news and even some very bad news, but I also have some good news.

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The new, multidisciplinary, diagnostic centres for CFS in Belgium

by Johan August 21, 2014

A critique on the agreement for the new, multidisciplinary, diagnostic centres for CFS in Belgium.

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Een kritiek op de multidisciplinaire, diagnostische centra voor CVS

by Johan August 18, 2014

Een kritiek op de RIZIV-overeenkomst voor de nieuwe, multidisciplinaire, diagnostische centra voor CVS in Belgie.

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Review: The Scope of Skepticism by Kylie Sturgess

by Johan January 28, 2013

Why do I review a book on skepticism on my blog? Everybody knows that patients and skeptics don’t go well together. Well, it’s for a very good reason.

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When the Zone has become a dangerous place

by Johan December 19, 2012

You know the Zone? That blissful state of mind when you are completely absorbed by what you are doing? It has a dark side.

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The role ME/CFS patient-organizations overlooked

by Johan September 28, 2012

The blind spot of ME/CFS patient-organizations.

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De rol die ME/CVS patientenorganizaties over het hoofd zien

by Johan September 28, 2012

De blinde vlek van ME/CVS patientenorganizaties.

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