disability claim

disability claim

Common Reasons Disability Claims are Denied

Would you believe that around 30% of all initial disability claims are denied Social Security benefits? Millions of applicants apply for disability with the SSA each year after an accident or injury has left them unable to work and with the need to go to the doctor to treat their medical conditions. Sadly, these people oftentimes receive denial letters in the mail to their dismay. Why was your disability claim denied?

Some of the most common reasons that the SSA will deny a disability claim include:

·    Lack of Evidence: You must submit as much evidence of your disability as possible. If you do not submit proper evidence, there is no doubt that the SSA will deny the claim. Make sure you have written statements from the doctors, medical bills, and as much evidence as possible to address the claim.

disability claim

·    Prior Denial: If you’ve already completed an application for SSA benefits and the claim was  denied, you must file an appeal to get an approval for disability benefits. Completing a second application will not change the SSA decision, since it is all computerized.

·    Not Following the Expected Treatment: If a doctor recommends that you seek additional treatment from the doctor and you do not follow-up with that treatment, the SSA will likely deny the claim.

·    Income Level: Income matters when applying for SSA disability benefits. If you choose to work part-time during the claims process, you can be denied benefits, especially if your income level exceeds the substantial gain activity allowance amounts.

·    Uncooperative:  Do not be difficult when you are applying for social security disability benefits. You must comply with all orders and demands from the SSA when completing the claims process. Failure to do so may result in the denial of your application.

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